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The Round House is Calling!

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The Round House is Calling!

No one is sure how the bar was named the round house. However, according to legend, one of the early owners was "Round House" Smith, hence the name. Or because the bar was round, he was named Round House Smith. An 1888 article names one of the first owners Schmidt and Smith in the same paragraph. It is possible that Round House Smith was (G.F.) George F. Schmidt, and early owner of the round house and who built the park Hotel fifteen years later. The Park Hotel was first called the Park (Deutches) Hotel. The McCann family purchased the Round House in the early 1950's and painted it the now famous red. The entire building is wood constructed and for the most part, all original (the interior floor and porch floor have been replaced). The plastered walls have always been a part of the building, and are now adorned by Canoe Bob's murals, With Canoe Bob's passing, Teri said they would like to preserve the murals as along as possible.

A Put-in-Bay, Round House Bar, island tradition since 1980, Mike "Mad Dog" Adams is living-proof that, "Every Day Above Ground Is A Gooood Day." (A catch-phrase he began using in his show back in the early eighties.) "At the Round House it's all about the fun," says "Mad Dog." "The audience is my band. We're gonna' sing some songs, tell some jokes and do whatever we're in the mood for. Basically, just have fun and enjoy life on an island with all our friends." Come see why Mike "Mad Dog" Adams legendary afternoon performances at The Round House Bar are so popular. In no time at all you'll be hoisting a refreshing beverage, singing, chanting a Ziggy Zaggy, and agreeing that, "Everyday Above Ground Is A Gooood Day!"