Plan for your Day of Sightseeing and History:

Put-in-Bay, Ohio has many sights to see and places to visit. The excitement and enjoyment begin with a departure on the Jet-Express with spectacular views of Lake Erie and throughout the adventure of all that Put-in-Bay has to offer. Uncover the natural beauty of the Lake Erie Islands and explore places of great historical significance. Protected lands bestowed for wildlife and State Parks are great for bird watching and water sports. Put-in-Bay has many wonderful options for you and your family to discover. Put-in-Bay sightseeing abounds with a great variety of activities and events that make for wonderful memories while vacationing in the Lake Erie Islands area. There are places and attractions that will excite even the most intrepid travelers. Historical significance, natural splendor and unparalleled nightlife place Put-in-Bay into a category of its own.

Bring your binoculars, camera, and hiking boots!

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We are a team of experienced Putinbay vacation guides, who are happy to help new island visitors with their vacation planning. If there are any questions that have been asked about Put-in-Bay, then we have probably heard it. This Put in Bay day trip guide is here to assist you with your Put-in-Bay day trip planning. Whether you are coming up with a family, doing a little birding and sight-seeing, or up to go pool and bar hopping, we have you covered!