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In 1875, Martin Barsch donated land for a new church, Mother of Sorrows Catholic Church, on what is now Put-In-Bay Road. The site was approximately 1500 feet west of the corner of Thompson Road. Construction of the new church was begun in 1875 but was soon stopped due to lack of money. The bad depression which begun in 1873 had finally hit Put-In-Bay. The church was actually completed eight years later in 1883. It was a board and batten Gothic structure, very typical of country churches of its time. Located at 632 Catawba Avenue, Mass is Saturday at 6:00pm and services on Sunday at 7:00 and 10:00am.

History Tours are available Tuesday Mornings at 9am in the summer months or by appointment. Contact St. Paul's at 419-285-5981 . If you have information related to our history, we would love to hear from you!

St. Paul's Episcopal Church was built in 1865 on land purchased from Joseph de Rivera by Jay Cooke "for the consideration of $10" in May 1865. The cogregation raised funds for the church building the winter of 1864-1865. In the spring Mr. Cooke also made a contribution to the building fund. Although Mr. Cooke made a large financial contribution, much of the work was accomplished by parishioners completing the church in less than six months.

The church is on the lot at the Corner of Lakeview and Catawba, now known as 623 Catabwa Ave. The rectory, known as "The Hartman House" is next door at 619 Catawba. The "Hartman House," was built in 1959-1963 and serves as the current rectory replacing the origional 1865 structure. The Hartman house is named for Marylib Vrooman Hartman whose estate made a large contribution to build the house in the 1950's which was matched by the parishioners.